Peter Capano Campaign Reception for State Representative

A very large crowd of supporters came out for the candidacy of Ward 6 Councilor Peter Capano for the Eleventh Essex District for State Representative. Campaign Director on April 19, at the Porthole Restaurant.

Atty. James Carrigan said “Pete Capano is a fighter and he has been fighting for the people all his life. He is a real honest courageous politician who has the fortitude to stand up for the people.”

First speaker introduced was Steve Tolman, President of the State Labor Council who works hard to protect the rights of the workers. Steve began to say how the labor movement delivered worker’s rights and what it had done for our country.  Tolman said, “I want to be in Lynn most importantly because Pete Capano served as Vice-President of the AFL-CIO.

When Peter arrived at our board, he was very prepared. He gives a straight answer because he stands up for what is right for America. We in the neighborhoods have to elect a person like Peter Capano who understands the importance of the worker”.  Speaking next was Rose Mary Sargent, a community leader, who stated, “It was always a pleasure to work with Peter Capano and he is my Ward 6 Councilor. Peter works so diligently to resolve problems within his Ward by building bridges and developing personal contacts among his constituents.

Peter is always supporting the neighborhoods through various meetings. Peter Capano is there for us. And I asked you to consider your vote for him as our next State Representative who understands our needs and is very responsive to the people. I am so proud to cast my vote for Peter.” The electricity began to flow throughout the room from the previous speakers’ remarks before Peter Capano addressed the audience beginning with a standing ovation.

Peter began by saying, “I want to end the downfall in our society. It is no way to run a society. I want to be part of the change with you. I don’t want to see the race to the bottom. I want to be part of ending it. To do it, we all must work together and I want to be part of you to end it.”  Peter have served on numerous boards and community groups throughout the years in the city, especially “To Stop the Violence in Lynn” and the “Lynn Community Enrichment Program”.

Tonight Peter formally announced his intention to run for State Representative for West Lynn and Nahant. He is running on the progress that was made over the few years on very important issues.

Peter feels that he can get a lot more accomplish by being in the State House; he wants to tackle concerning issues on transportation, rising sea levels, crumbling infrastructure, opioid addiction crisis, and our schools. Peter sees the need to be more focus as time goes on and most important, to give back to the community that gave him so much. Peter brings to the table leadership, experience, and a passionate commitment to public service.

He has brought together labor unions, businesses, and the public sector to achieve a common goal to succeed in the revitalization in his Ward 6 and the city. Peter seeks the opportunity to work hard for the people in the State House as the next State Representative 11th Essex District

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