Gannon Golf Club Sport Coat Benefit

Beautiful Gannon Golf Course was created in the 1930s for the working man in Lynn under President Hoover’s administration. The course was craved-out from a section in the Lynn Woods Reservation. Over 800 Lynn residents were able to find work while the Great Depression was taking place in history. The course was named Happy Valley until it was renamed in 1975 as Gannon Golf Course in honor of Larry Gannon, the course first professional golfer.

Inner Club President Robert Cross explained how this Sport Coat Benefit evolved as he said, “This is the 2nd Annual Sport Coat Benefit. It has not been done for over 30 years prior to last year. We are honoring all the members who won a golf tournament in 2018. We are also presenting five scholarships to member’s children in the memory of Chris Denahy, who was a dedicated supporter with the Gannon Inner Club.  Having this benefit is a way to bring our membership and families together after the winter before the golfing season starts.”

“Timing wise, it closes out the 2018 season; it kick starts the 2019 season; and the course is open. Without the Inner Club support we would be unable to have tournaments and to continue our scholarship program. Everyone at Gannon enjoys the friendships that make this a great place for our Lynn golfing community”.

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