Cultivation Site Approved

The City Council granted a special permit for the first marijuana cultivation center in Lynn at 71 Linden St.

Bostica, LLC was approved for a 40,000 square-foot “grow facility” on the site of the Harvard Folding Box Company.

Attorney James Smith represented Bostica, LLC, which will go forward willth a public hearing on the plan, as well as meetings in the ward and the city’s economic development committee.

Smith said the cultivation site will handle no retail and no traffic. They hope to employ about 30 people, and will enter into a host community agreement.

“There will be limited access to this facility,” Smith said. The product will be transported out a couple times a week to retailers. Every area, inside and out, will be covered with a camera and able to viewed at the police station.

The City Council also asked that the group submit and odor control plan. Smith said they would and they would be utilizing the smoke stack already with the building.

The owners of Bostica are Jarrod and Raymond Falite, both have years of experience in the construction business and they are working with Fred Green, who has over 30 years of owning and operating greenhouse facilities and has consulted at over 40 marijuana operations internationally.

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