Garelick Farms Parcel Sold to Boston Developer

The former Garelick Farms plant on the Lynnway promises to be a key piece in water development plans. The site was recently purchased by A.W. Perry. 

“It’s exciting to see real interest on the waterfront,” said Mayor Thomas McGeee. “I think it reflects a lot of different people who want to see something really big happening on our waterfront, and recognize the untapped potential in our community, our location, the water resources, the neighborhoods and downtown.”

The real estate package, contingent on zoning changes, includes the 40,000 square foot warehouse, 60,000 square feet of cold storage and a 10-acre lot in the back. It’s currently zoned for dairy manufacturing and proposed plans could change it to warehouse and light manufacturing use.

The plant is expected to close in the fall.

“A.W. Perry is open to a bigger, broader vision,” he said. “It’s really a unique opportunity for Lynn,” said McGee. “I believe the buyers have the same vision as the city does.”

The entire parcel covers 17.5 acres.

Garelick Farms has been on the Lynnway since 1998, it was previously known as West Lynn Creamery.

The site was also known for the milk truck on the roof.

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