Kenneth Minasian Opens New Law Office in Lynn

Kenneth M. Minasian has joined the Lynn legal community with the opening of his new law office here.

Minasian had previously practiced law at firms in Cambridge and Boston before deciding to open his own law office in Lynn. The Law Office of Kenneth M. Minasian was officially launched on June 1 at 56 Central Ave., Suite 311.

Attorney Kenneth Minasian of the Law Office of Kenneth M. Minasian, and Mitshella Armand, legal assistant and law office manager, are pictured at the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce event.

“I like Lynn because I felt it was a diverse base here which I could work with,” said Minasian. “I was doing a lot of Social Security work, a lot of personal injury work, and there were a lot of businesses here that I felt I could network with – doctors’ offices, social workers, things like that.

“I felt there were good connections here that would enable me to succeed,” added Minasian. “I felt there were a number of attorneys here as well and this would be the best place to get my start.”

Minasian, 37, is a lifelong Saugus resident. The son of Kenneth P. Minasian and Joyce Minasian, Minasian attended the Lynnhurst and Waybright elementary schools, Belmonte Middle School, and Saugus High School (Class of 2000) where he competed in cross country, track, and lacrosse.

He received his degree in Business Administration from Salem State University in 2007 and his law degree from the New England School of Law in 2011.

Minasian is specializing in disability law and personal injury law. He is aided at the new law office by Mitshella Armand, legal assistant and office manager.

Minasian is a new member of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce. He and Armand, who is his girlfriend, together attended their first Chamber event, a Summer Solstice After Hours hosted by Rick Wood and Associates Insurance Agency Thursday night at High Rock Tower Park.

“Eddy Staco, the Chamber treasurer, really championed its cause and invited me to join,” lauded Minasian. “He definitely put out the good word for the Chamber of Commerce.”

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