One More Time : Budget Fuels Blue Line Talk Again

It’s been talked about for decades – the Blue Line extending its branch to Lynn – that it’s become a sort of the boy who cried wolf.

Included in the new $43 billion state budget for 2020 is a proposal to study the extension of the Blue Line. The fact that traffic around here is at an all-time high is spurring the effort this time.

Sen. Brendan Crighton (D-Lynn) has filed an option to have a line run from Wonderland Station in Revere to downtown Lynn extending the Blue Line, or other rapid transit.

The study has to be done by next April. The only glitch is that Gov. Charlie Baker has 10 days to approve or disapprove the budget that the House and Senate created.

Crighton said there have been thoughts about a ferry running from Lynn to Boston too. The Blue Line and the ferry would give North Shore residents an option to get through Lynn, Revere and Boston. Currently only the Salem Ferry runs to Boston from the North Shore.

There are also concerns about the traffic impact as the development of Revere Beach continues, Wonderland development is inevitable and the 161-acre development Suffolk Downs with 11,000 housing units are on the horizon.

“I hope the governor (who lives in Swampscott) will see the merits in this plan,” Crighton said. “We certainly have talked about the Blue Line and the ferry in the past so he’s certainly aware of the situation.”

“Traffic in Greater Boston is worse than it’s ever been in our state’s history. If it continues like this we’re looking at negative impact on our economy, and quality of life

People are reconsidering to stay, live and work in Greater Boston,” Crighton said. “We want to get the budget  signed and get the feasibility study underway as quickly as possible.”

Other local items included in the budget are:

$150,000 for Lynn Police Behavioral Health Unit,

 $55,000 for Red Rock Park maintenance,

$375,000 for the Forsyth Dental program, $50,000 for the cleanup of Pilayella algae on King’s Beach and Long Beach, and $25,000 for the Downtown Lynn Cultural District.

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