Students and Colleagues Honor Francis Pagnotta: The Fine Art of Inspiration

 A wonderful tribute was conducted by the Lynn Public School Band and the Lynn English Chorus honoring former Lynn Fine Arts Supervisor Francis A. Pagnotta. His legacy will live on as former band members, Lynn school personnel, and friends paid their final respects to him.

Lynn Band Director William Sokolow was hired by Mr. Pagnotta in 1987 as a piano teacher. As Bill continued, “I was the last of his teachers still working that he hired.  I thank Mr. Pagnotta who gave me the opportunity which set my career path in the Lynn Public Schools.  He was a wonderful person to work with and he made a major impact on the music program.”

Students from the Lynn Public School Band came to remember Mr. Pagnotta; they played three songs – “A Round of Peace”, “Three Corals for Bands”, and “America the Beautiful”. Trumpet player Cole DeStefano from Pickering Middle School played Taps. The Lynn English Chorus sang – “We Will Live in Peace” and solo signer Angel Batista sang, “What a Wonderful World.”

Upon Mr. Pagnotta’s wishes, the American Flag was presented to the Lynn Public Schools by David Solimine as he stated, “On behalf of the President of the United States, on behalf of a grateful nation, and on behalf of all the relatives and friends that are here, I present this flag in honor of Frank’s service to his country, to the students that he cared so much for, and to the Lynn Music Program.” Frank Pagnotta influenced many students throughout his career to enjoy music. Jeremy Witherell and Patricia Langenberg of the Music Department were very thankful that the Lynn School Band and Chorus were asked to participate in this tribute to Mr. Pagnotta and they will continue his legacy in the Lynn Public Schools Fine Arts Department. 

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