Earth Day Poster Winners Announced

During last week’s City Council meeting, Councilor-At-Large Brian Field announced the winners of the “Keep Lynn Clean” poster contest. The contest was set in motion on Earth Day, April 22, and inspired students to use creativity as a way of motivating others to take care of the environment.

The list of winners are:

1. Chris Pacheco Hernandez – Lincoln Thompson

2. Elisa Deleon Angel – Connery

3. Penelope Bin – Aborn

4. Nailah Georges – Brickett

5. Levi Flores – Callahan

6. Wendy Chilel Hernandez – Cobbet

7. Alexis Mitchell – Drewicz

8. Oleksandr Kukashchuk “Sasha” – Harrington

9. Jillian Lyons -Fallon

10. Zaineb Mouzoune – Ford

11. Karla Gabriella Hernandez – Hood

12. Arlette Castillo Cespedes – Ingalls

13. Michael Kelley, Jr. – Lynn Woods

14. Yessidel Nieves – Sacred Heart

15. Trey Henderson – Sewell Anderson

16. Isabella Ok – Shoemaker

17. Maxwell Martel – Sisson

18. Briadnne Vasquez – St. Pius V

19. Benjamin Sanabria Pineda – Tracy

20. Hileen Rojas Rosa – Washington

21. Ashley Chavez – Volunteer, Lynn Tech (Helped Design And Print The Final Posters)

22. Cassidy Pa- Volunteer, Lynn Tech (helped design and print the final posters)

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