Refer a Friend and Get NSCC Tuition and Fee Discounts for Both of You

Special to the Journal

Thinking about going to college this fall? North Shore Community College wants both you and your friends to enroll and will offer discounts to those who do so together.

The new Share the Wealth/Refer-A-Friend incentive for new students will apply to students enrolling with a friend in 12 credits – typically 4 courses – or more. Both will earn a $500 discount on tuition and fees!

 If students apply and enroll with two friends, they can earn a $750 discount and each of their friends can earn $500. The maximum discount any one student can receive is $750. Certain conditions apply.

Students must apply to NSCC for Fall 2020 between June 22 and July 31, and enroll in 12 credits or more.  Discounts will post to student accounts after July 1, 2020.

“We know this is a very unusual year for college-going students. We thought this program would offer incoming students the opportunity to study close to home, avoid dorm living for a while in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and save money while getting general requirements out of the way,” said NSCC President Patricia A. Gentile. “This is our effort to help more students achieve their dream of attending college without incurring unnecessary student debt.”

For more information on the Share the Wealth | Refer-A-Friend incentive for new students, go to  or contact Kim Odusami, Executive Director of Admissions at [email protected].

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