Letter to the Editor

Response to First to Worst

To the Editor,

There are a few reasons for why the Covid 19 virus has been worse here than in other countries. One is due to non-replacement of needed medical supplies used to fight the Sars virus under President Obama. Another is the never-ending accusations and obstruction of President Trump by some who want to make it difficult for him, even if it’s dishonest and against what is good for the country. These people should be regarded as red rather than blue as in Soviet Red Army or their current allies in Red China.

Many of today’s young people are ignorant to history like the over 600,000 white guys who died in the civil war-fighting for what they believed was their country when our population was little more than a tenth of what it is today. Many lost arms and legs to a wood saw with the only painkiller of some whiskey.

It’s also a shame to slander someone with accusations of racism by unfounded talk by those who are racist for political gain or just because they want to get t heir way. I thought that race isn’t supposed to matter.

It would be good if more people consider the “Golden Rule” and that no one is perfect.

Fred Peck


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