City of Lynn COVID-19 Update

The Lynn Public Health Department has confirmed that as of today, the number of active, confirmed positive COVID-19 cases is 660 with 11 new cases today. 3, 721 Lynn residents have recovered and 113 have died. The total number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Lynn since March 21, 2020, including those who have died and recovered, is 4,494. Please visit the new City of Lynn COVID-19 Data Dashboard which is updated daily.

Due to the continued uptick in our positive test rate in Lynn, the City is taking a number of steps to curb the spread of COVID-19 in our community including: ramping up patrols of gatherings and athletic playing that is not allowed by state guidelines, such as basketball, in our parks; no events at Manning and Fraser Fields and limiting permitted organized events at other City properties and buildings; sending direct educational mailings in multiple languages to our residents; and putting in place an Enforcement and Compliance Team to ensure state guidelines are followed by businesses and members of the public. Noncompliance of state guidelines, including large gatherings, will be enforced by fines.

These steps will be in place until further notice, as we remain designated a higher risk community by state data standards.

 We need to continue to be diligent and focus on continuing to follow and comply with the state guidelines pertaining to social distancing, personal hygiene, don’t share food and drinks, wearing face coverings at all times when interacting with others, and especially not gathering with people beyond those you live with. Our actions or lack of responsible action, in following the guidelines, will determine how we limit the spread in our community and ensure we keep out community safe.

Please visit for more information on how you can get a free COVID-19 test in the City of Lynn until September 12.

We will continue to provide regular updates on COVID-19 through the City website (, social media, and the Smart 911 emergency notification system (sign up at

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