Lynn’s Lott Develops New Portable Powered Air Respirator

Lynn resident William B. Lott Jr. is well-known locally as the interim executive director of the Community Minority Cultural Council (CMCC) on Union Street. In that organization, Lott has worked closely with community leaders such as Darrell Murkison and Andrew Burton to help create opportunities and jobs for Lynn residents while strengthening the community overall.

The CMCC’s annual the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast has become the city’s foremost celebration in honoring the outstanding civil rights leader. Lott is also a retired senior IBM computer software engineer, a licensed pilot, and a veteran of the United States Air Force. Through his work as a pilot and his service in the U.S. Air Force, Lott feels he “gained a unique perspective on oxygen and air delivery systems.”

Pictured is William Lott’s invention: a portable powered air respirator.

And Lott believes those experiences make him eminently qualified for his “ambitious undertaking” of creating a Portable Powered Air Respirator (mask) that was initially designed to combat the coronavirus. “I have developed a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that we (LottoGraphs Company – LGC) call a PPEE (Personal Protective Equipment for Everybody) – because everybody needs to wear a mask during the pandemic,” said Lott, who is the founder, creator, and CEO of LottoGraphs. “I have invented a mask that’s based off an inspirational thing I saw.

The mask is as easy as putting on a baseball cap and it covers all three vital areas: your mouth, your nose, and your eyes.” Lott said he is putting together a public relational campaign to raise awareness for his invention, help him fund his project, and begin production “and help with the fight against COVID-19.” He has launched a GoFundMe campaign “to help support, a small minority-owned, veteran business.”

“The GoFundMe drive will fund the formation of a corporation and the IP, which is the Intellectual Property rights – patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, utility patents and all that stuff,” said Lott. He has been reaching out to the Lynn community for its support. “I’m just trying to help the cause.”

Lott said he has five prototype masks ready for the initial phase in the production process. He explained the exact design and function of his invention. “Basically, it’s a mask that you slip on. There are powered fans that push nice, clean fresh air,” said Lott. “So instead of wearing a stuffy mask all day, you have a nice breathing environment.

I’ve looked at the industry, looked at what the doctors and experts are saying, and incorporated some of the best technology and features into my design. Even with the vaccines, you are still going to need to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is going to be around for a while. It’s not going away.” Lott grew up in Sudbury and attended Lincoln-Sudbury schools before moving to Danvers. “In my sophomore year of high school, my dad moved us to Danvers, Massachusetts,” said Lott. “My dad was a doctor.

He was the VP for years at the Family and Children’s Services Agency in Lynn. I used to work at General Electric and knew a lot of people in Lynn. I attended North Shore Community College and studied in the Professional Pilot Program. I got my pilot’s license at Beverly Airport. In fact, I used to live right behind the Beverly Airport on Burley Street in Danvers. It was a stone’s throw away from the airport.”

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