DPW Employees Attend Training Session on Safe Handling of Needles, Syringes

Lisa Nerich, associate commissioner of the Lynn Department of Public Works, held a training session for DPW employees on the safe handling and proper disposal of needles and syringes that have been showing up at parks and traffic island planters in the city.

Nerich enlisted the aid and expertise of Scott Watson of the Lynn Fire Department, who led the training sessions.

The Pine Grove Cemetery, park, and street  divisions of the DPW participated in the training sessions.

Prior to the sessions, Nerich commended the DPW employees for their outstanding work during the pandemic while adhering to social distancing guidelines and keeping residents safe.

“Our DPW employees have continued to work through the pandemic and I told them how much we appreciate everyone’s help during these difficult times,” said Nerich.

Watson delivered a thorough, half-hour lecture and demonstration on the critical importance of handling needles and syringes in safe fashion.

“Today we will be talking about a program that will familiarize you with some of the safety aspects around the needles and how you can keep from getting stuck,” began Watson.

Watson demonstrated some of the equipment and attire available for the pick-up of needles including different types of gloves, trash- reachers, and gauntlet sleeves (that provide skin protection for a person’s arms). “All that stuff is really effective,” said Watson.

He said that even with the gloves and equipment, a person should demonstrate extreme caution in the handling of needles and syringes.

Nerich thanked Watson for his professional presentation.

 “I think Scott’s presentation will help our employees to apply the highest standards of safety in their day-to-day work in the department and in the risks they encounter because of the improper disposal of these needles and syringes,” said Nerich.

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