Mayoral Candidate Cyr Announces Joselyne Reynoso as Campaign Manager

Darren Cyr (D), 61, of Lynn has announced that Joselyne Reynoso also of Lynn will serve as his campaign manager for the upcoming Mayoral Race in the City of Lynn.  Reynoso, 21, was born in Beverly and is a proud graduate of Lynn Classical High School.   Joselyne is currently pursuing her Political Science degree at UMass Boston.  Her parents are originally from Guatemala but emigrated to the United States, like tens of millions of Americans before them, seeking better educational and economic opportunities.  Reynoso’s parents are now proud homeowners in Lynn.

Reynoso has served a volunteer for the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace where she advocated and educated on the topics of human rights, environmental justice and human values.  Joselyne is the Vice-President of Youth Without Borders of Lynn.  Working with President and Founder, Dulce Gonzalez, they created a strategy plan of youth volunteerism before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of these efforts included organizing food drives, collecting donations to SkillsUSA of Lynn and assisting non-English speaking Lynners with their SNAP, unemployment and P-EBT applications.  The organization also helped connect residents to local resources. Through a grassroots campaign, Youth Without Borders of Lynn also collected financial contributions that were then given to families of Lynn during the pandemic.  During some of the most challenging times of the initial COVID outbreak, Reynoso stepped up and volunteered at The Salvation Army, My Brother’s Table and participated in other efforts.  Joselyne has also worked for the Guatemalan Consulate as an interpreter and served hundreds of families in Lynn through this role.

“Joselyne brings a bright, young new voice to the table,” said Cyr, “I trust that Joselyne’s combined experience, talent and background will be a tremendous asset to my campaign and she will serve as living proof and example that millennials and centennials should continue embracing and developing their talents in the political world.  I look forward to working alongside her in the next several months and after I am hopefully elected Mayor of the City of Lynn.”

“I am proud of my heritage and am fluent in both Spanish and English,” said Reynoso, “I have grown up in Lynn, my parents own a home in Lynn and my siblings also received their education in this City.  Lynn is my home. While speaking with Darren, I learned that he and I seek the same things for Lynn. We both want our hometown to thrive, be more inclusive and have better reflection of the people of Lynn through inclusivity. When he asked me to jump on board, I said: “Absolutely.”  I believe that Darren is a candidate that not only is willing to listen but to show he means what he says by putting a woman of color at the head of his campaign team.”

“I am looking forward to the leadership that Joselyne brings to the table to supplement and augment Darren’s years of community and governmental experience.  Lynn is a city that has over 45% of Latino residents and I believe this is a better reflection of the population during election season,” said Juan Gonzalez, long-time Lynn resident who received the “Lynn City Pride Award” by the Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce for his continuous leadership and community advocacy.

Reynoso has 5 siblings and an in-law, all of whom grew up in Lynn. Her brother Oscar is a graduate of Lynn Classical High School and is now an electrician, Gabriela, her sister-in-law, is pursuing her Nursing Degree at Salem State University, while Patricia is a student at North Shore Community College pursing her Business Degree.  Her brother Juan is now a licensed plumber. Adam, a father of 2 most recently started his own construction company.  Joseylne’s youngest sibling, Hernan, is a current student at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute, a member of the Lynn SkillsUSA Program and in the HVAC program.

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