McGee Announces Appointment Of Christopher P. Reddy as the City of Lynn Chief of Police

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Mayor Thomas McGee is pleased to announced the hiring of Christopher P. Reddy as the new Chief of Police for the City of Lynn. Chris was selected from a list of several highly-qualified candidates who completed the required Civil Service Assessment Center in March of this year and applied for the position.

“Chris is a lifelong Lynner who clearly demonstrated throughout the entire hiring process that he has the necessary skills to lead the Lynn Police Department with the highest standards our City deserves,” said Mayor Thomas M. McGee. “He has a deep understanding of the Lynn community and the importance of racial equity in modern policing by having built strong relationships with many diverse groups and organizations during his time as a Lynn Police Officer. Chris is ready to meet the moment and lead the hardworking women and men of the Lynn Police Department through the current crossroads we are facing to bring the community together and approach this position with a commitment to equity and transparency. I want to thank each of the three exceptional candidates who applied for the promotion to be the Chief of Police. Your dedication and commitment to the City of Lynn was clearly evident throughout the entire process. My sincere appreciation to Deputy Chief Desmarais for stepping up to lead the Department over the last 10 months during an incredibly challenging time for our City, State and Country.”

Christopher P. Reddy is the new chief of the Lynn Police Department.

“I want to offer my sincere appreciation to Mayor McGee for giving me the opportunity to serve this community, and the members of the Lynn Police Department, as the next Chief of Police,” said Christopher Reddy. “It has been my privilege to serve as a police officer in this community for the past 36 years and I am humbled and honored to have been selected for this important role. I’m excited to work with my brother and sister officers, as well as the Mayor, the City Council, and community stakeholders to move the Department forward in our common goal of promoting public safety for all.”

Chris Reddy has been a Lynn Police Officer since 1985 and has most recently served as the Captain of Patrol since 2010. Among his main responsibilities he has served as the supervisor of a number of policing units including for patrol operations, E-911 and dispatch center, traffic enforcement and the community policing unit. His role also included being the Police Department liaison for coordination with outside agencies, organizations and community groups coordinating for special events as well as the liaison to the City of Lynn Emergency Management Committee. He received his Bachelor’s degree in business administration-management from UMASS Lowell and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College.

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