Phil Castinetti’s Sportsworld Memorabilia Shop Seeks a New Home

Phil Castinetti’s Sportsworld, New England’s largest memorabilia shop, is seeking a new home.

Castinetti said that “circumstances” have forced him to move and begin the search for another location. “Hopefully, we’ll still be in Saugus, though we’re not sure yet,” said Castinetti. “We should know for certain in a week or so.”

Phil Castinetti, owner of Sportsworld, is pictured inside his legendary memorabilia shop in Saugus.

Sportsworld has been at its current location at 87 Broadway, Route 1 South, Saugus, for the past six years.

“It’s gone very well here,” said Castinetti, a resident of Lynnfield. “The business is booming but we have to look for another place.”

Castinetti’s shop is a treasure trove of Boston and national sports memorabilia. Castinetti is considered the king in an industry that is enjoying a resurgence.

“It’s crazy, it’s through the roof on cards,” he said. “I’ve never seen it hotter in the 35 years that I’ve been doing this.”

Who’s the most sought-after athlete among collectors of sports memorabilia?

“Tom Brady, of course,” replied Castinetti instantly.

And who among rookies in sports has emerged as a must-have autograph?

“[Patriots’ No. 1 draft pick] Mac Jones is already a hot commodity,” said Castinetti. “He’s doing an autograph-signing and getting $150 an autograph.”

Sportsworld first opened in 1986 in Everett Square. It has had a few other locations before making Saugus its home in 2015.

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