Congressman Moulton Endorses Jared Nicholson for Mayor of Lynn

Special to the Journal

Congressman Seth Moulton announced Saturday that he is endorsing Jared Nicholson for Mayor of Lynn.

Congressman Moulton called this a “critical time in the city of Lynn’s history” and said that Nicholson “represents the type of next-generation leadership and forward thinking that’s needed to keep Lynn on a positive trajectory” and someone whose vision for Lynn “leaves no one behind.”

Congressman Seth Moulton is pictured with Lynn mayoral candidate Jared Nicholson last Saturday in Lynn.

Congressman Moulton described Nicholson as “someone who chooses to lead, chooses to serve. Someone for whom throughout his life public service has been important.”

In accepting the endorsement, Nicholson said, “Congressman Seth Moulton has a tremendous record of leadership and is fighting in Washington for priorities that matter to us in Lynn, like better infrastructure, public transit, and access to good jobs.

“Progress on these issues will require continued collaboration with our state and federal partners and City Hall is an important part of driving that forward. That kind of collaboration will be a hallmark my leadership as Mayor.

“I’ve admired Representative Moulton’s leadership on these issues and more, and am thrilled in his confidence in the grassroots campaign we’re running and am so excited about the opportunity to work with him on behalf of the Lynn community.”

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