Black Lives Matter Street Mural

A skillful job of laying out precise lettering dimensions was created by the artists and organizers involved in this project. Color variations were carefully designed for each letter in Black Lives Matter.  If one walks or drives along this street mural, you receive a sense of tranquility, experience the artisan craftsmanship, and have an inner feeling of warmth and respect from the scope of this magnificent project.

Artist Anna Dugan, a full time mural painter, became involved in this project when notifications were announced. She said, “I submitted a portfolio and I really believed in this design. I wanted to contribute my skill and to be part of this community plan.”

This street mural was an ambitious project for the community. One would need to reflect on the history of what occurred in the past and what is happening in the present.

Change is not comfortable, but it is so necessary while one lives through many segments of history. Through a short span of time, things have been very moving, but also very inspiring, to see many community members believe in change. Young leaders who are passionate and dedicated to a cause of today will perhaps be the leaders of the future creating change.  

Volunteer and Lynn Museum Director Doneeca Thurston expressed her joy by saying, “This is beautiful to see the city and the community coming together, especially rallying behind Carlos and Damianny for their hard work – One Lynn, One Love.” She continued to add, “This street mural being placed in our community gives an important message. This is Lynn history in the making for all to come together as one.”

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