Gov. Baker Visits Lynn Boys and Girls Club

Governor Charles Baker was impressed by how much valuable service is offered to the Lynn youth at the Boys and Girls Club. He and the First Lady Lauren Baker received a personal tour of the facility from Executive Director Brian Theirrien.

Before going to the gymnasium to watch the Basketball program, Executive Director Brian Theirrien gave a brief overview to Governor Baker and the First Lady about the significant role the Boys and Girls Club plays in Lynn.

According to Brian all activities in the Boys and Girls Club are always improving for the youth. The children participate in sports, developing homework skills, and learning to be together, especially during summer camp at Creighton Pond.

“This is a child’s dream being involved, learning, and having fun” said Brian. As one child explained,”This place helped me to understand other people in life; this is a big part of my life.”

Brian furthered stated, “The staff enjoys their work and is very committed. There is something for everybody at the Boys and Girls Club.”  He continued to say, “Our Children’s Director kept the children focused during the pandemic period through remote learning sessions and instituted a Reading Club. Our part-time staff became full-time workers; they all stepped up for us to avoid any shut down during Covid-19. The staff morale stayed high which is a tribute to their dedication to the youth.”

Governor Baker said, “Boy and Girls Clubs do an unbelievable job filling the gaps through enrichment and development programs; it is especially important for the children when they go back to day school to have these skills.”

First stop before seeing others areas of the club was to watch the Basketball League program in progress. Governor Baker was amazed with the participation from players, coaches, and the officials. He was given an official greeting by players at the center court with a bounce-pass introduction alternated by each player.

If anyone would like to pledge $20.00 a month or $100.00 a year, this benefit will immensely help with resources and to maintain a bright, clean, and beautiful environment for the youth. A pledge may be sent to Boys & Girls Club of Lynn, 25 North Common Street, Lynn, MA 01902 or call (781) 593-1772.  Phrase three will be developing soon for the complete renovation of the entire facility.

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