José M. Encarnacion Announces His Candidacy for Council At Large

José M. Encarnacion, who aspires to be the first Hispanic Lynn Council At Large, assured that the constituents of the mentioned City have the opportunity City Hall where the most important decisions are made. Encarnacion, a well-known community activist, stated that at this time the city of Lynn has about 101,000 residents, of which almost half are Hispanic.

“With Hispanics almost half of the population, we do not have any type of representation in the City government,’’ stated Encarnacion, which in his opinion it is time for change and we represent that. He assured that at this moment there are more than 55 thousand registered voters in the City of Lynn, which is why he works hard every day to convince them of the importance of going out and vote in the upcoming elections.

He emphasized that the Lynn community is demanding a change in government. “This is a very diverse City and it is about time that this diversity begins to manifest itself in the government of the city. I hope that this great Lynn community, which lives and pays its taxes in this great city, wakes up, gets out on September 14 and votes, to make it possible for us to have a voice in the City Council”, stated Encarnacion.

José M. Encarnacion, who has lived in the city of Lynn for more than 35 years, aspires to become the first Hispanic councilor in the city. Encarnacion made these statements while participating in the Summer Family Movie that takes place every year in the well-known Goldfish Pond, organize by the Goldfish Pond Association. Other candidates for elective positions also participated in the event, including Darren Cyr, Michael Satterwhite and Jared Nicholson candidates for Mayor of the City respectively. Also, Lenny Peña who is running for School Committee, Elisabeth Figueroa, running for City Councilor Ward 2, Natasha Magie-Maddrey and Richard Colucci rnning for Ward 4, and Coco Alinsug and George Meimetea both running for Ward 3. Also present was Posan Ung Sandra Lopez, both running for school committee

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