Her Star Will Shine Forever: Lynn Mourns the Death of Franki Galeazzi

The community is mourning the loss of one of Lynn’s greatest all-time high school athletes, Francesca Simone “Franki” Galeazzi, who died on March 8, 2022. She was 25 years old.

Franki was the daughter of David Galeazzi and Sheila Belliveau. Franki had two outstanding role models in her older sisters, Briana Galeazzi, 31, and Gabriella Galeazzi, 28. Franki was lovingly protective of her younger brother, Nico, 19, who carried on the esteemed family tradition of scholastic and athletic excellence at Lynn Classical and is now a member of the Assumption College baseball team.

Franki Galeazzi.

While Franki’s athletic accomplishments put her at the very top of the Lynn sports mountain, Franki was also remembered as an exceptional person and teammate, who played the game with joy and intensity.

Tom Sawyer was Franki’s coach in the Classical girls’ basketball program.

“As a coach, Franki was exactly what you wanted on your team,” said Sawyer. “She was a great student and a great athlete, but more importantly a great teammate who cared way more about the team, her teammates, and team success than her own. You never had to coach effort because she brought it every day, every practice, and every game.  You never had to coach attitude because she always had it on point.  You never had to coach focus because she was always focused on the competitive task at hand.

“Franki Galeazzi is a Classical legend and a legendary person,” concluded Sawyer.

Classical Will Name a Hallway in Franki’s Memory

A tremendous crowd gathered at Solimine Funeral Home Sunday for a funeral service led by Deacon Richard Field.

Classical Assistant Principal and former softball coach Chris Warren delivered a beautiful remembrance of Franki Galeazzi, who was an All-Star shortstop in his successful program.

During his remarks at the service, Mr. Warren announced an extraordinary honor that has been accorded to Franki Galeazzi and her family: the naming of the athletic hallway at Lynn Classical as the Francesca Galeazzi Athletic Hallway.

“There will be a sign displayed on the entrance of that hallway,” Warren told the assemblage. “Inside the hallway there will be a plaque that describes her athletic accomplishments in the three sports at Lynn Classical and her incredible contributions to the community. The dedication will be all in, and it will be perfect, just like Franki would want it to be.”

Mr. Warren also noted a special gathering of high school teammates and coaches at the school Saturday, a tribute organized by Jess Perez.

“Listening to the stories and the smiles and the tears, I truly believe Franki had more impact in 25 years than most people could have in 80,” said Warren. “To see the outpouring of love and support was incredible. Jess Perez, I want to thank you for getting that together and having that idea and thought for her. And to Leah [Warren], for the video that went with it, I have no words.”

In closing, Mr. Warren said, “Over the past few days, the support for Franki and the support for each other is what Lynn and her Ram Fam is all about. For the amount of high school teammates (Saturday), to the incredible amount of support that we see here today to support the Galeazzi family – Franki, you touched so many lives in so many ways.

“Personally, you made me a better coach and a better person. Your teammates became better players and better people. Franki was always the player and person who needed to learn from a mistake to always improve as a player. Look around this room, look around this entire building, learn one more final lesson from Franki: look at your friends, your family member, co-worker and make sure they’re alright. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid to tell a friend or co-worker or anyone that you love them. Don’t let her death be for nothing.

“I love you Franki. I will miss you. Fly high.” said Mr. Warren.

Tim Phelan, Franki Galeazzi’s youth soccer coach, also spoke during the service, describing a togetherness among the Breakers team that was enhanced by her spirit and fun-loving manner.

“Franki loved the camaraderie of being part of a team. She loved to have fun and she loved people,” said Mr. Phelan. “She was very sensitive, caring, and kind, and thoughtful.”

One of the most beautiful and heartfelt tributes to Franki Galeazzi was composed by Daily Item reporter Allysha Dunnigan who wrote that “I had the privilege of playing soccer and softball with Franki, but also knew her growing up.

“Franki was a caring, compassionate, determined, supportive and kind human who spent a majority of her life helping others,” said Dunnigan in what was a masterfully written piece aptly titled, “An Appreciation, Remembering My Friend, Franki Galeazzi.”

Mr. Galeazzi Expresses his Gratitude to the Community

David Galeazzi expressed his gratitude to the community and Lynn Classical High School for their kind expressions of support and sympathy to the Galeazzi family. “Chris Warren and Tim Phelan gave two beautiful speeches,” said Mr. Galeazzi. “I want to thank Brian Field, who so kindly assisted in the funeral service. Jess Perez put together an incredible gathering for Franki. Chris Warren’s wife, Leah, made a 24-minute video tribute that was absolutely unbelievable. “The family is overwhelmed by the response to Franki’s passing. That honor of naming a hallway for Franki, it’s just an amazing tribute and we’re so thankful to everyone at Classical.” Franki Galeazzi will be remembered as one of the best female athletes in Lynn Classical High School history. “Franki never attended a sports camp or a clinic or had a private lesson,” said Mr. Galeazzi. “That was pure athleticism. And as good as she was in sports, she was ten times better as a person.”

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