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Lynn Republican City Committee Meeting

Are you concerned about any of these issues?

Event Information

At the Old Tyme Italian Restaurant, 612 Boston St., Lynn on April, 28, at 7 p.m. the following issues will be discussed by the Lynn Republican City Committee:

1. For Voter Integrity

2. For low Inflation

3. For Tax Cuts & Deregulation

4. For a Strong Economy

5. For a Balanced Budget & Reduced Spending

6. For Return to Energy Independence

7. For Jobs & Maximum Employment

8. For Law and Order

9. For Attorneys-General Who Follow the Law

10. For Strong Military Readiness

11. For National Security

12. For Restoring Trust in State Government

13. For Making Our Enemies Fear Us Again

14. For Safe & Secure Cities

15. For Legal and Reasonable Immigration

16. For Strong, Common Sense Foreign Policy

17. For Pro-Life

18. For Teaching Academics to Our Children, Not Social Activism

19. For Equality for All Races

20. For Covid Therapeutics, Not Vaccine Mandates

21. For Affordable Healthcare

22. For Rooting Out Corruption in FBI, CIA, and Other Intelligence Agencies

23. For Holding Lying & Corrupt Democrats Accountable

24. For American Patriotism

25. For the United States Constitution:

a. Freedom of Speech not Censorship

b. Freedom of Religion

c. Right to Bear Arms

26. For Respect and Adherence of 3 Branches of Gov’t:

a. Transparent Executive Branch

b. Supreme Court with only 9 Justices

c.      Functioning U.S. House of Representatives & Senate with 100 Senators

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