LPS Teacher Tymond Tran Receives City Citation

Marshall Middle School computer science teacher, Tymond Tran, received the 2022 Amazon Future Engineer Teacher Award of the Year. He was chosen out of thousands of eligible teachers across the country as one of the best American teachers.

Ward 3 Councilor Coco Alinsug noted, “Tran initiated a computer science training program at Marshall so the school can offer computer science classes; he adopted his program to students of varied interests, proficiency levels, and learning requirements by introducing different methods of learning.”

“This recognition was so well deserved for Tymond to receive this national award,” stated Mayor Jared Nicholson.  The Mayor continued to say, “This is amazing how he mastered this technology and passed this knowledge on to the students, especially having the students think about the future as they become young adults.”

Tymond Tran was very honored to receive this City Citation and he extended a wonderful thank you to Amazon for sending grant money to the school. Tran said, “I am bringing my very best every day for the students so they will have the right opportunities. We can improve education by bringing in new equipment and dedicating it toward robotics and computer science. Our message from the teaching staff to the students is that we care and support you.”

This national recognition from Amazon brings a $5,000.00 cash award and a $25,000.00 grant to the Marshall Middle School.

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