Brady Warren picks a One-Iron

Three-sport star will focus on golf at Saint Anselm College

Chris Warren, vice principal at Lynn Classical High School, was understandably emotional as he welcomed everyone to his son Brady Warren’s National Letter of Intent ceremony Dec. 16 at the school.

This was one of the most defining moments of Brady’s life to-date, and Chris, a former Lynn English Super Bowl quarterback, wanted to share it with family, classmates, coaches, and faculty who have all been part of his son’s successful path into collegiate athletics.

“We asked a lot of people to come here today,” said Chris. “You’ve all had a big part in Brady’s life. I know it’s one sport, but being a three-sport athlete, having all his coaches here, Mr. [Bill] Devin, who runs athletics, from the principal and vice principals – the list can go on and on, but the part of the coaches and how you emboldened him. Over the last four years, for me, I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to coach my son, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

And then with the stroke of a pen, Brady Warren, proudly accompanied by his parents, Chris Warren and Leah Warren, and his sisters, Brooke Warren and Brenna Warren, signed his National Letter of Intent form to attend Saint Anselm College where he will be continuing his golf career.

Brady’s three coaches, Jack Morrison (golf), Marvin Avery (basketball), and Mike Zukowski (baseball) were part of the proud assemblage who attended the NIL signing ceremony.

Morrison said of the momentous ceremony, “It’s exciting.”

“Brady was a four-year starter who came to work every day and has great talent, as you can tell from the other sports he plays,” said Morrison. “I think he has a big upside in golf. With the right mindset and athletic ability he’s got, the sky’s the limit.”

Morrison said Brady was an excellent team captain as well as one of the area’s top high school golfers this season.

“His leadership was exemplary as a captain,” said Morrison. “What I liked about Brady was that he paid attention to the younger kids, who weren’t at the top of the lineup. Everybody liked him and respected him, but knew he was the captain and had a role to fill.”

Following the ceremony, Brady talked to reporters about playing three sports, instead of specializing in one sport as has become a trend among elite high school athletes like himself.

“I started playing basketball in third grade and baseball since I can remember,” said Brady. “I didn’t really want to put them away. I always wanted to keep playing them because I always had fun. But golf was my best sport, though I still love each sport.”

 Brady was asked about the significance of being a student-athlete at Classical.

“Classical is everything to me,” replied Brady. “Ever since I’ve been born, my dad worked here, and he was the athletic director. I’d go to every baseball, football, and basketball game. I’d go to camps with my dad. It’s been all Classical.”

Brady said he has met the Saint Anselm golf coach (Shaun Bishop) “and he’s a very good coach.”

“I like the program. They seem like they’re heading in a good direction, and I can’t wait to be there next year,” added Brady.

Brady will prepare for his first collegiate golf season with a series of appearances in high-level tournaments this summer.

“I plan on playing a good number of tournaments and get myself the best opportunity I can to be in the starting lineup,” said Brady.

Asked about the important role his parents played in his career, Brady responded, “I couldn’t do this without them. They’re everything. They’re the best.”

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