Good luck Mr. Strangie

The new Lynn English High School principal will be Thomas Strangie.

As we predicted last week, he was the main choice and perhaps the only choice for Superintendent of Schools Catherine Latham.

Aside from that, he was the best choice to succeed Andrew Fila, who resigned two weeks ago.

Mr. Strangie inherits a position made all the more important by his predecessor’s strong personality and belief in himself.

Mr. Strangie above all needs to believe in himself as he takes over at English High School.

Public school education is changing radically from year to year right before our eyes.

Mr. Strangie will find that he must be changing the model of operation of the high school from month to month if necessary in order to keep up with the changing times.

For if the times change and he doesn’t change with them, the school will be left behind.

Mr. Strangie under Mr. Fila was an able assistant who went far beyond being an assistant.

Mr. Fila had many admirable qualities.

One, is that he was unafraid and contemptuous of those who showed no loyalty and who exhibited no spine.

Teachers who couldn’t carry their weight were not tolerated.

Administrators unable to control their territories and to carry out their responsibilities were also placed on a very short leash.

Over time, English came to run like a clock that keeps near to perfect time.

Its athletic teams excelled.

It excelled in academics.

Every effort was made to have the high school remain relevant by courting alumni and by enlisting them to advocate for and to shepherd students at the high school.

In the end, when Mr. Fila left, it was only natural that Mr. Strangie should be chosen to take over.

The superintendent has made a good choice for an important position.

He will carry on where Mr. Fila left off.

Mr. Fila was about excellence and loyalty.

Mr. Strangie is cut from the same cloth.

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