Heat Wave is Over; Danger is Everywhere

Lynn is a beach city so when it gets hot, Lynn goes down to the beach.

This is exactly what Lynners and everyone else did last week.

It got so intensely hot that many of us were at a loss about how to come to terms with the heat and even at the beach once there the sand was so hot and the wind blowing so hot and the sun overhead burning us all.

Then came Friday, another scorcher only to find that Lynn/Nahant Beach and King’s Beach were closed to swimmers because of raised bacteria counts.

That was a very low moment for those of us rushing home from work to get to the beach for a swim.

That situation cleared up and Saturday and Sunday finished off with a much cooler countenance that all of us can live with.

The summer is turning into one of the best in recent memory.

The June rain and accompanying blues have been replaced by the endless summer feeling that comes with some of July still remaining and all of August in front of us, with nearly all of July so far absolutely fabulous summer material.

The summer of 2011 is already memorable but how memorable will it be?

Will the national government allow the debt to be raised so we don’t default?

Do you care? Should you care? Will it, in the last analysis affect you?

The national debt is an abstraction for most of us. It is a subject fairly difficult to comprehend much less to get into.

But if the United States defaults, who does it benefit.

It benefits the rich which is why the Republican Speaker of the House is refusing to deal with the President to keep us from defaulting.

If we default, the warning from most economists is that interest rates could rise, and dramatically over night.

Who does that benefit?

It benefits those with loads of cash – the rich – that is. They will all bank their cash at higher rates of interest.

Only the poor, the middle class and those doing a bit better will be affected negatively as interest rates rising will make loans for everything from homes to cars that much more expensive.

A default by itself is not the end of the world. Some of us who have defaulted on loans due to a wide variety of circumstances understand that you get up the day after the default and eat and put gasoline in your car just like any other day.

So if the US defaults, it is not the end of the world.

It is simply the beginning of a new one.

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