The Cennami Name and Candlepin Bowling

Yes, Joe Cennami is related to candlepin bowling legend Tom Cennami, who rose to prominence on the Channel 5 show hosted by Don Gillis.

Interestingly Joe Cennami pronounces his last name differently than Tom, who goes by Cenn-a-mee.

But while Tom isn’t active on the pro circuit any more, Joe is still heating up the lanes. The talented right-hander set a new high triple mark of 425 in Lynn City League action Saturday at Lucky Strike Lanes. Cennami beat the previous season high (419) set by Keith Beaupre who still holds the high single (163).

Cennami is third in the high average standings with a 118 slate. Dennis Olofson tops the league with a 121 average, followed by Beaupre who is at 119.

T.J. DePietro, who’s having a big year, is fourth at 116. DePietro rolled a 364 triple, with a high single game of 135 Saturday. Well-known local bowler Tony Schillaci is fifth in the average standings at 114.

Gabe Swindell had his best day of the season with a 376 triple and 138 single.

Charlene Landry continues to set the pace in the women’s division. Landry rolled a weekly high triple of 317 and is in 14th place overall in the average standings at 106. Dottie Arinella had the weekly high single (116), followed by Jessica Cruz (114) and Maria Garcia (113).

City League bowling moves to the Lynnway this Saturday with five matches on tap. The Green Tea team leads the nine-team league with an 84-36 record.

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