Congratulations, Beth Bresnahan

We join Lynn residents in offering our congratulations to Beth Bresnahan on her appointment as the new Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.

Treasurer Steven Grossman has made an outstanding choice for this esteemed and important position as the head of the most successful lottery in the United States. Lottery sales topped $4.8 billion – that’s right, $4.8 billion, in 2013, which gives you an idea of the immense responsibilities of the position in the Commonwealth.

Bresnahan brings valuable experience to the top position, having served as the Assistant Executive Director and Communications Director at the Lottery.

Those of us who know Beth personally have always admired her as an intelligent, hard-working, personable, and dynamic young woman who is a credit to her family, especially her well-known parents, long-time Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Lozzi and Kathy Bresnahan Lozzi.

Having attended St. Mary’s High School, Beth’s success in her career is a shining example for not only students at her alma mater but students throughout our city. She is particularly proud of her former high school, saying that “Head of School Grace Cotter Regan is doing a phenomenal job” and that Cotter Regan understands the business side of the school and the educational requirements and needs of the school, and the balance between the two.

We saw Beth at the City of Lynn’s inauguration in January at which time Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Councilor Lozzi, and their colleagues in government took office for their new terms. Beth often attends Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce events and other events hosted by local organizations, showing her support for the community in which she grew up and attended school.

Beth Bresnahan joins an impressive list of local residents who have served as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. Mark Cavanagh served with distinction as Executive Director as did James Hosker.

We are confident that Beth Bresnahan will work hard in her position as Executive Director and as she stated, “guide the Lottery on a continued path of growth and success.”

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