Kiley Park to Get $250,000 Renovations, New Splash Park

The Lynn Community Development Office confirmed this week that Kiley Playground, between Sanderson and Seymour avenues, just blocks from Lynn Shore Drive, will get a $250,000 upgrade, including the construction of a new splash park, thanks to a grant from the Executive Office of Energy and Environment and Governor Deval Patrick’s office.

Lynn, like nearly 60 other cities across the Commonwealth, was awarded a $200,000 grant for urban park renovations this spring and has identified Kiley Playground as the local park that will benefit from that funding. The $200,000 state grant will be matched with a $50,000 city contribution, completing the $250,000 budget.

“We are in the process of finalizing the design and putting together the final plan for the park,” said John Moberger of the Lynn Community Development Office.

Moberger said the city is likely to finalize its plans and design of the park and playground improvements, including a new splash park in the next few weeks, and will then focus on meeting with neighbors of the Kiley Playground neighborhood, to get public input on their plans.

“Within the next month we should get the plan completed and be able to show it to the neighborhood,” said Moberger. Construction of the new park is likely to take place in October and November, as the grant funds are required to be spent by the end of December 2014.

The “Our Common Backyards Grant” was announced earlier this year by Governor Patrick and the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Richard Sullivan, as a way of targeting urban parks and playgrounds in need of renovation and to build new spray parks.

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