Tim Phelan Announces His Candidacy for Councillor-At-Large

Tim Phelan is returning to the political arena.

The former Lynn councillor-at-large and School Committee member has announced that he will be a candidate for a councillor-at-large seat in the city election this fall.

Phelan, a 52-year-old attorney, served 22 consecutive years in city government, the last 18 as a councillor-at-large, before losing to incumbent Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy in the 2013 mayoral election.

Phelan has been a proven vote getter in councillor-at-large elections, topping the ticket seven times and finishing second twice. He has served as president of the City Council.

“I’ve been seriously thinking about running [for office] for the past six to eight months,” said Phelan. “A lot of people, friends and supporters, have encouraged me to do it, which was flattering. I’ve always loved being involved in the city and trying to move the city forward and I still have that passion in me so it was pretty easy decision to make.”

Phelan calls his 2013 run for mayor “ancient history.”

“This is about the future, not about the past,” said Phelan. “If I’m fortunate enough to get elected, I look forward to working with the Mayor. This is about moving forward and working together and collaboratively. I hope I am able to do that by getting elected.”

Phelan said he is acquiring signatures for his nomination papers but he has not set a date for a campaign kickoff fundraiser.

“I’m not going to have an event at this point,” said Phelan. “This is going to be more of a grassroots effort, knocking on doors, going to events, and doing the work to try to get elected.”

Phelan said his wife, Stacy, a school principal, and their children, Megan, a biology major at Providence College, and a son, Ryan, a student at Montserrat School of Art, will be assisting in the campaign.

“They’re always very supportive,” said Phelan. “It’s been wonderful over the last 18 months to spend a lot of time with them. We’re a very close, family unit – my wife, my children, all my brothers and sisters, and cousins – we’ve also been very tight as a family.”

Phelan said the core issues in most municipal elections are public safety and the public schools. But he would also like to “think out of the box” in focusing on the future.

One novel idea being promoted by Phelan could be a huge revenue producer for the city. Phelan believes the proposed Boston 2024 Summer Olympics could provide beneficial opportunities for Lynn.

“Can Lynn jump on those coattails and maybe get some infrastructure improvements – what do we have to offer along those lines?”

Phelan’s Boston 2024 proposal has merit. Should the Olympic bid be granted to Boston, national teams would be seeking to lease practice facilities leading up to the Games, and Manning Field and Fraser Field – with their all-turf fields -would certainly be worthy venues for practices, track and field workouts, and pre-Olympic exhibition games.

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