Crowley Will Make Decision about Senate Race on Friday

By Cary Shuman

Paul Crowley, former Lynn councillor-at-large and executive director of Greater Lynn Senior Services, said he will decide on Friday whether he will be a candidate for State Senate in the Third Essex District that includes Lynn.

Crowley has taken out nomination papers for the seat and has been exploring a potential run. State Rep. Brendan Crighton earlier announced his intention to run for the senate seat that is currently held by Mayor-elect Thomas McGee.

Crowley said if he decides to run, he would be on the ballot as an Independent candidate, which would mean that Crowley would vie for votes against the Democratic and Republican nominee in the final election. Crighton is a Democrat.

“Right now I’m weighing a candidacy for Senate,” said Crowley, who served on the City Council for six years. “One factor that I’m considering is that I would not be able to effectively do my job at GLSS if I start a campaign, and I’m not prepared to give up my position at GLSS.”

Crowley said whether he runs or not, he would like to see a debate about the issues facing Lynn and Massachusetts.

“I want to make sure that we talk about the issues,” said Crowley. “I’m concerned that if there is only one candidate, the people’s positions on the issues will not be brought to the forefront and that is what I worry most about. I want to see a lively debate about the issues and make sure that whoever is going to represent us as senator, is going to represent the interests of the people in the district – not just what goes on at Beacon Hill.”

Political observes believe Crowley would be a formidable candidate if he decides to run. He served with distinction on the City Council and has provided outstanding leadership at GLSS. His family is well known in the city. The Lynnway Sports Center, ably managed by his brother, Sean, is the only candlepin bowling establishment remaining in the city.

Though he would run as an Independent, he said, “I think I would probably get more support from the Republican side because my views are more in line with Republicans. But I don’t think the issues facing Lynn are Democrat or Republican, they are local issues.”

But Friday is decision day for Paul Crowley.

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