Dorrington Takes Office as Executive Director of Lynn Community Television

By Cary Shuman

Brian Dorrington, an award-winning producer and director, has big plans in his new job as the executive director of Lynn Community Television.

Dorrington, 31, was appointed to the position by the LCTV board of directors and took office on Dec. 4. He is the first executive director of the new organization. LCTV is totally independent from the previous station that was known as LynnCAM.

Other members of the LCTV staff are Mukala Kabongo, associate producer, Pedro Diaz Jr., programming manager, and David Riley Jr., head of production.

LCTV covers all government meetings, except the School Committee. The station airs live the Lynn City Council meetings and broadcasts in-studio shows hosted by Lynn residents.

“We’re actually making a push to have more shows,” said Dorrington, a 2011 graduate of Emerson College, known for its excellent curriculum in communications and television. “We just extended our hours this week to 8 p.m. Now we can cater to the after-work crowd.”

Dorrington said that any LCTV member can produce a show. The cost of a membership has been sliced by 50 percent to $25.

Dorrington grew up in Billerica and began his career very early in the field of television. “I started off actually when I was in middle school directing my mother’s show at Billerica Access Television,” he said.

Following his graduation from Emerson in Boston with a degree in Media and Film, Dorrington produced a series of short films and a feature-length documentary, “Homespun Rebellion,” that premiered at the Boston Film Festival. A short film he produced, “Action,” was screened across the country and in Europe at film festivals and won several awards.

He also worked for four years at Bedford Television, which under Dorrington’s leadership, received multiple awards as the best cable access television in the nation. He was previously director of municipal programming at Lowell Access TV, overseeing its government station.

Dorrington is excited to be in a position to guide the newly formed Lynn Community Television station whose headquarters are at 181 Union St.

“I’m excited about this opportunity – I love it,” said Dorrington. “It’s a great organization already, and I have a bunch of improvements that I want to start. We want to start a news program. We’re getting a new Web site and people are going to be able to stream our station live on their cell phone, tablet, computer, or any device like that. That’s currently in the works.”

Dorrington said he encourages Lynn residents to visit the station and “express their First Admendment right” to create media independent of commercial films.

“We’re an extension of the First Amendment,” said Dorrington. “As long as people don’t violate FCC obscenity laws, they can come and express themselves through media any way they see fit. We really want more programming of local interest.”

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