Rowe Predicts Large Turnout For Ward 6 Council Election

Lynn City Clerk and Elections Chief Janet Rowe is expecting a large turnout in Ward 6 for the preliminary election on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Candidates for school committee, councilor-at-large, and ward councilor are also on the ballot, but the only race in which candidates will be eliminated is the Ward 6 election.

Five candidates are seeking the two nominations for the Ward 6 seat and the right to advance to the final election on Nov. 2. Three candidates will be eliminated from the race on Tuesday.

 Fred Hogan currently serves in the position after having been appointed to fill the vacancy created when former Ward 6 Councilor Peter Capano stepped down after beginning his term in January as the new state representative for the district. Hogan is seeking to continue his service as Ward 6 councilor.

The other candidates in the race are Donald Castle, Cinda Danh, David Ellis, and Jimmy Gonzalez.

The candidates conducted vigorous campaigns during the spring and summer, knocking on doors and trying to reach out to the 6,000 registered voters who live in the four precincts of the ward.

 “I think it’s going to be a really good turnout there (Ward 6) because there are so many options, really,” said Rowe. “Ward 6 goes up to Pine Hill, too, so it’s a pretty diverse ward.”

The eight candidates for school committee, seven candidates for councilor-at-large, and all the ward candidates will all move on to the final election. The only current ward councilor running unopposed is Rick Starbard, who represents Ward 2 on the City Council.

The polls will be open throughout the city from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

The list of candidates are:

Councilor At Large

Buzzy G. Barton

Jose M. Encamacion

Brian M. Field

Joel Hyppolite

Brian P. LaPierre

Hong L. Net

Lennin Ernesto Pena

Councilor Ward 1

Wayne A. Lozzi

William F. O’Shea, III

Councilor Ward  2

Richard B. Starbard

Councilor Ward 3

Darren P. Cyr

George C. Meimeteas

Councilor Ward 4

Richard C. Colucci

Natasha S. Megie-Maddrey

Councilor Ward 5

Dianna Chakoutis

Marven Rhode Hyppolite

Councilor Ward 6

Donald J. Castle

Cinda Thi Danh

David D. Ellis

Jimmy Gonzalez

Fred William Hogan, Sr.

Councilor Ward 7

Alexis Reynoso

John Jay Walsh, Jr.

School Committee

Brian K. Castellanos

Donna M. Coppola

John E. Ford, Jr.

Lorraine Gately

Sandra M. Lopez

Tiffany Jean Magnolia

Jared C. Nicholson

Michael A. Satterwhite

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