Ward 3 Councilor Coco Alinsug Debuts Exciting Monthly Newsletter

Coco Alinsug is a community leader, the Ward 3 city councilor – and now the creator of the new Coco Alinsug Ward 3 newsletter.

Alinsug’s monthly newsletter debuted this week and it’s become an instant hit, drawing more than 500 subscribers, and growing. It’s a newsy, informative, and uplifting edition that shines the spotlight on issues in Ward 3 and features stories about Ward 3 residents.

In the first edition, Alinsug writes about Precinct Captains, Sue Walker, John Hogan, Lisa Prak, Sandra Corneau, and Bonnie Carr, and Ward 3 Youth Intern Abigail Rosario. Also featured in the newsletter is Ward 3 representative on the Citizens Advisory Board, Sandy Anshewitz.

There are plenty of photos and important information such as how to report a pothole in the ward.

Alinsug said he is one of two Lynn city councilors who publish newsletters. “The first one was done by Rick Starbard of Ward 2,” he said.

The Ward 3 councillor explained his reasons for launching the newsletter. “When I was running for office, the clamor of the people was that they want to be updated on things happening in the ward in a newsletter,” he said. “Some residents don’t have Facebook and wanted a newsletter available through email.”

Alinsug said that the newsletter is also available to residents outside of Ward 3. “Anyone in the city of Lynn who wants to know more about Ward 3 can receive the newsletter.”

The councilor has already begun plans for the next edition of the newsletter that will be emailed to subscribers during the last week of March.

“There’s a new Jamaican restaurant coming to Ward 3 and the owner expressed her support for my advocacy and my work in the community through the newsletter,” said Alinsug. “I’m excited to welcome this business to Ward 3, and in the future, I’ll be featuring other restaurants and other businesses.”

Known for his many community service and grassroots projects, Alinsug is proud of his newsletter and grateful for the incredible response from his constituents.

“The newsletter is going to be engaging,” said Alinsug. “My community and grassroots experiences are working now in my role as a city councillor, and I’m happy to provide an information source for residents of Ward 3 and city wide.”

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