Bathhouse on Lynn-Nahant reservation reopening

The Lynn-Nahant Beach Reservation bathhouse – the Ward Bathhouse – is about to come back to use.

The long dormant bath house, an eyesore fixture standing in disrepair for almost two decades at the beginning of the beach, is being brought back to life by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

“This is an important facility and we are treating it as such,” said DCR secretary Richard Sullivan, Jr.

“I know how important this facility is to the people of the North Shore, and especially to those who regularly use the beach,” he added.

DCR is putting $600,000 into the renovation, which has its genesis in meetings held with Sullivan and the Friends of Lynn and Nahant Beach – who lobbied hard for the reopening of the long neglected facility.

“I want to applaud DCR Commissioner Sullivan for his commitment in securing the funds to renovate the Ward Bathhouse and thank Sen. McGee and Rep. Walsh for their support.  Commissioner Sullivan, once again, has shown his dedication to improving Lynn and Nahant Beaches.  He is without doubt, the best Commissioner the Friends have worked with since the inception of the Friends.”    Robert F. Tucker, President FLNB said.

The rehabilitation of the Ward Bath House will give the beach two bathhouses for the coming summer.

The new bathhouse on the crest of the beach was a big hit with visitors to the reservation last year.

It represented the first year there had been a bathhouse open on the beach for an entire summer in more than 20 years.

“With two bathhouses open on the beach – and with thousands coming here to use the beach on a hot day – the reservation will finally be at the point where it is offering amenities more in line with what they should be,” added Tucker.

“These beaches are a tremendous resource. And under the leadership of Richard Sullivan, DCR has stepped up to the plate in a big way,” he said.

At the Ward Bathhouse on Monday morning, painters were finishing off the grand lobby at the center of the brick structure.

New glass doors and windows have replaced the plywood coverings, opening up the lobby to sunlight and giving the bath house a modern feel and look. A new roof has been put on and HVAC has been upgraded with a modern system – and a new floor has been put in.

The bathrooms have been repaired along with all the plumbing and drainage – and there is even room for a refreshment stand – with the original lettering “Refreshments” a reminder of what came before when the bath house first opened in the early 1970’s.

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