Applause for Police, Fire and Rescue

The cave in of the roof in the off-the-Lynnway garage housing the city’s bus services caught two drivers under tons of snow and steel and cement last week.

What might have been a deadly incident turned into a search and rescue mission, and then to a rescue mission only that had a very happy ending.

Lynn Police, Fire and Emergency services from other communities aided in getting the two men out of the automobile they were trapped in and stopped the further collapse of the roof.

All of this brings to mind the many, many larger flat roof buildings in this city.

Along the Lynnway, for instance, there is Walmart with the biggest flat roof of them all, and there are the automobile dealerships and then downtown there is Shaws and the other stores in the shopping center and on and on.

All those must be checked for their structural integrity especially with the heavy snow that is expected.

The two men thanked God for their safety – and it is likely God had something to do with it.

However, God’s work on this earth is our own and without the daring and hard work of Lynn firefighters, their rescue would have been made much more difficult.

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