The President’s Speech and Its Meaning to the People of Lynn

The president’s speech last week marked a moment in his administration when he seemed very much more like a leader than a politician. The speech he gave reminded us how leadership has been missing from the American equation in Washington for quite some time.

Here in Lynn, the unemployed suffer because companies are not expanding. They are not creating jobs and jobs are not being created because consumers have stopped spending. It is a double whammy that has led us from nothing to nowhere.

There is no growth in the economy and just a bit of growth in the local economy.

If the Congress were to agree with the president’s proposal, there is the likelihood that a boost in employment would be the result.

But these are days of endless questioning.

The Republicans say the president is wrong – more money thrown at creating jobs will not fit the bill.

Lower taxes, never raise them, they say. Let those without jobs suffer or try to find one. It is not government’s business to create jobs, they add.

That’s why most of us are proud to be Democrats in this city.

If government doesn’t get us out of this economic fix, who will, the Republicans?

Forget it. That won’t happen.

The president’s speech was strong and compelling. Absent of government efforts to improve the economy, we have virtually nothing going for ourselves.

The president’s initiative should pass.

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