Place in Community of Level 3 Sex Offender Being Questioned

A level 3 sex offender with a violent past thinks its OK for him to live wherever he wants in this city and he has told the city government so.

“I have every right to live here,”  said Richard Galzerano during an interview recently with a reporter at his Daytona Road home.

But does he have every right to live there?

The Lynn City Council does not believe so. A city ordinance passed some time ago stipulates that a Level 3 sex offender cannot live so close to a school. In fact, he is barred from living within 1,000 of the Shoemaker School, and Gowdy Park.

He said he is a threat to no one.

Lynn city officials have apparently sent Galzerano a letter ordering to move or to be prosecuted so that he is made to move.

City official believe Galzerano has a high risk of re-offending and is being asked to move somewhere else.

He can be fined $300 a day, according to city officials.

However, forcing a Level offender to move from one place to another will not prove to be easy.

City Council President Tim Phelan ordered the letter that is being written to be sent to Gazerano.

“He clearly absolutely should not be living so close to the Shoemaker School,” said Council President Tim Phelan.

“I think the kids of this city need to be protected from the possibility this guy will do something hurtful to a young person. The city should aggressively  pursue the possibility of getting this guy to move to another location,” Phelan said

To date, Galzerano has done what is required of him. He notified police before moving to Dayton Street.

But this is short shrift for the parents of young children who walk the streets of this neighborhood.

Wednesday evening at the Shoemaker School, a public meeting sponsored by Ward 1 councillor Wayne Lozzi  will be held.

It is expected to draw a large and boisterous crowd of concerned parents.

If Galzerano fights his eviction, it will be the first time the city’s sex offender ordinance has been used.

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