The Weather

There is really no way to properly describe how much the vast majority of us love the early spring warmth.

There is also no way to properly describe how much the vast majority of us just don’t trust the warmth to last!

The weathermen and women are predicting an extraordinary week of rising temperatures and unusual very early spring warmth.

We love it. We want to believe it. We’re not burning $4.00 a gallon oil or using gas that is almost a rough equivalent of oil. The heat is shut-off…and its only the 3rd week in March.

Wonderful, really.

Fabulous, really.

There is a certain amount of unreality in this kind of weather so early in a season coming and so early in a season not yet finished.

To the core of our beings, most of us want the winter over.

The swift change from winter to spring is unsettling.

It is simply too early and the tendency is to believe this warmth is here to stay. Perhaps it is. Perhaps not.

If it is here to stay then we are staring at the possibility of one the best springs leading into summer in the past two or three decades. This also has implications if the summer works out as an extension of the spring.

This often is not the case.

Summers can be very spotty, even after a great spring.

The past two springs were followed by nearly a summer of rain and a mixed summer respectively.

So even with a tremendous early spring such as we are now experiencing, a tremendous summer is not guaranteed.

All of this weather speculation is a bit iffy as New England weather is iffy.

This early spring could be followed by a non-summer or one of the hottest summers in years.

The early spring could be followed by two months of rain and chilly weather.

There are 1000 possible variations.

Right now, everything about our lives is all wrapped up neatly in this powerful burst of warm air and the virtual absence of winter on March 20.

It kind of send the spirit soaring.

But in the back of our minds there is always that voice telling us, “This isn’t going to last muchlonger and then it is going to get cold again.”

Could this happen.?

You better believe it.

Is it going to happen?

Not even the weather people know.

And that’s the way it is in a warm and sunny March 20, 2012

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