Agganis Week Begins

One of the great events on the North Shore every year for student athletes is the Agganis Classics week.

It is not only a tribute to one of Lynn’s most legendary athletes, Harry Agganis, but a final recognition for the outstanding student athletes who have performed in the area over the past four years.

The event began with a football game in 1956 and it will be played for the 51st time on June 29 at Manning Field.

Through the efforts of Agganis Classics executive director Paul Halloran it has expanded to other sports – this year lacrosse players will have the honor of competing under the Agganis umbrella.

More importantly, the Agganis Foundation has given an astounding $1.5 million in scholarships to hundreds of student-athletes though the years.

This is a true testament to the hard work of the Agganis Board of Directors; people like Ted Grant, Paul Halloran, Nick Kostan, Thomas Demakis, and Tom Iarrobino,  who have worked diligently to make the Agganis game what it is today and to promote the scholarship component of Agganis Week.

The Agganis Classic football game is the signature high school football athletic event of the summer. It will be very well attended. The game will feature the best athletes in the area in a competition that has become one of the most anticipated and talked about athletic events on the North Shore.

We congratulate Paul Halloran and Ted Grant for keeping the name and the achievements of the late Harry Agganis alive.

We thank them as well for helping to advance the college educations of the participants with generous scholarships.

Agganis Week is the real thing.

So, too, was Harry Agganis.

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