Lynn Democratic Committee Holds Annual Food Drive

US Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren was in the city Sunday to attend the annual food drive sponsored by the Lynn Democratic Committee. Shown with Warren is US Congressman John Tierney.

Hundreds of people attended the annual food drive sponsored by the Lynn Democratic Party which was held in the backyard of Debbie and Colie Walsh’s Coolidge Road residence on Sunday.

Nearly everyone involved in local Democratic politics attended as well as Congressman John Tierney, Attorney General Martha Coakley, State Auditor Suzanne Bump and the star of Sunday’s get together, Elizabeth Warren.

Warren is involved in what is arguably the most important race in the state. Her campaign to beat Senator Scott Brown is reaching epic proportion.

Finding Warren at a party in a Lynn back yard during the dead of summer on a major beach day says it all about the intensity of that fight.

But of course, all the folks who attended, weren’t in just anybody’s back yard.

Representative Steven Walsh’s parents have been involved in the Democratic Party in Lynn for more than 40 years – and quite successfully at that.

The coming together there of so many prominent Democrats shows the importance of  this year’s election as a bellweather of everything to come.

Those who attended the food drive included: School Committeeman Charlie Gallo, John Walsh of the State Democratic Committee, Senator Thomas McGee, and Representative Robert Fennell. With the presidential racepushing all of politics, even a back yard time in Lynn takes on greater proportions during this election season.

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