Chronicle Does Us a Good Turn

Last Thursday on the popular television show Chronicle, Lynn was featured and in a wonderful way, highlighting everything good about this city for so many hundreds of thousands of viewers to see and to hear.

As Chronicle put it: “These days most folks are forgetting the vices and focusing on the city’s virtues: access to an urban forest and a waterfront for nature lovers, affordable lofts for young professionals, and an emerging art scene. Plus…the Blue Ox restaurant is giving foodies a reason to drive into the city.”

With brilliant footage and wonderful interviews and commentary, Chronicle took viewers on a tour of the city from the Lynn/Nahant Beach to the Lynn Woods Reservation to Lynn Auditorium.

Chronicle visits The Blue Ox and Tacos Lupita. Lynn Happens and Raw Arts and Lynn Arts – and Lynn’s wider art culture in general and displays the growing art culture gorgeously.

In all aspects of this Chronicle report, Lynn looked good, the people interviewed sounded good and overall the general stigma outsiders tend to have about our city took a back seat.

It is that stigma so hard to erase that was obliterated for all who watched the show.

The real estate portion of the show was an eye opener for younger people coming up who are feeling shut out of the housing market in the Boston urban setting.

Good real estate is available here. You can live near the ocean or nearer to the woods and you can live well and safely. This is the story about Lynn.

The mayor’s performance on the show was welcome. The mayor did nicely for the city with her positive disposition. She received kudos from some of the folks around here.

Highlighting the North Shore Latino Business Association was a bit of very good viewing – and it showed how diverse the city really is and how hard Latino businessmen and women are engaging one another and expanding their influence.

Those of us whose children have been touched by Raw A.R.T.S of Lynn Arts can attest to the incredible and extraordinary programs that bring out the best in all of us that take place in our city.

Chronicle deserves a big thank you from all of us who call this place our home.

It is one thing to live here and to know what the city is about – how safe it is, how friendly people can be, how satisfying life is in our neighborhoods. It is entirely another thing for outsiders to see the city in a positive light without having to make anything up.

Bottom line, Lynn sparkled brightly on Chronicle.

This was a big, positive boost for the city and how others think about us.

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