New Look at Reinfuss Field Wyoma Little League Resods Infield

Jack Carroll and Leon Elwell are pictured at the resodded infield at Wyoma Little League’s Charlie Reinfuss Field.

Wyoma Little League’s Charlie Reinfuss Field will have a new look for the 2013 season.

Leon Elwell, field director for the city largest youth baseball organization, said a resodding of  grass in the entire infield and ten feet of the outfield has been completed.

“The grass that we had on the field was old and we had a lot of drainage problems, so we decided to undertake the project,” said Elwell. “More than anything we did it because it needed to be done.”

Elwell said the last resodding at the field took place 15 years ago.

“Everything is now brand new,” said Elwell. “We fertilized the field. You obviously have to keep the field watered. It takes on its own and in a couple of weeks you won’t even be able to tell the difference.”

Elwell said new sprinkler heads were installed in the field while the existing drainpipes were cleaned. New clay will be laid down on the basepaths behind the new grass in the infield.

Elwell said that Wyoma President Tony Luciano’s leadership and vision were instrumental in the project. “Tony did all the site work and he was the one that was out in front of this project,” said Elwell.

Mike O’Connor, owner of Abby Road Landscaping and Construction, provided his expertise in the project.  Jerry Raffaele of Raffaele Construction donated one of his Bobcat vehicles for use in the project.

Elwell said that funds were used from the league treasury to pay for the project.

“We also hope to paint the inside of the dugouts,” said Elwell.

In the past Wyoma Little League has hosted district, sectional, and state tournaments at Reinfuss Field. Wyoma officials are considering the installation of lights at the field which would allow the league to host sectional and state-level tournaments.

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