Congratulations, Lynn Performing Artist Don White

We want to congratulate well-known vocalist and musician Don White for surpassing the 20-year milestone as a performer and contributor to the folk singing community.

Don is a highly regarded professional whose amazing talent and royal stage presence have entertained audiences for decades. He has personally re-energized the local folk scene through his regular interactive performances and shows at the Walnut Street  Café in Lynn, a local business that has been the perfect host in providing such a warm and inviting atmosphere for his friends and fans,

We agree with Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy’s designation of Don White as the “Papa Bear” of community artists in this city.

Don has been great to aspiring artists about passing on his considerable knowledge of the music and comedy profession. He’s always reaching out to help and encourage others who seek to be performing artists.

Don is also testament to perseverance in the entertainment industry. When he began his career, he was an opening act but so many came to recognize his considerable talent and his ability to entertain people in a positive way, that he rose steadily to become the headlining act at many venues.

We say thank you, Don, for the years of enjoyment that you have provided to your fans through the gift of individual talent and the incredible work ethic and energy that you possess.

Lynn residents can catch Don’s next performance at the One World Coffee House in Essex Saturday night.

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