Gallo’s Proposal for Fundraising Position Could Give Lynn Schools a Major Boost

We’ve been very impressed with Charlie Gallo’s first term of service on the Lynn School Committee. He has demonstrated diligence and a real understanding of what it’s going to take to continue the progress of the schools under the administration of Superintendent of Schools Dr. Catherine Latham.

And now Gallo has brought forth what looks to be an excellent proposal in initiating the position of coordinator of private partnerships for the Lynn schools.

Gallo has established a professionally led process by which individuals, companies, and charitable organizations can assist the Lynn schools with donations.

Sarah Jackson is a solid choice for this important position that could help the Lynn schools in a big way. Jackson has tremendous experience as a fundraising professional and she is well known for her own community service in our city.

Businesses and business owners are already doing great things for our schools and now Sarah Jackson will be reaching out to others to help the Lynn schools launch and maintain special academic programs that might not otherwise be funded.

Gallo’s proposal for this position calls for a one-year trial and then an evaluation. We expect that Sarah Jackson’s efforts in her new position will lead to more success stories for students in the Lynn schools.

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