Lynn Inspectors Close Illegal Boarding House: Two-family on Chatham Street Said to Contain 11 Padlocked Bedrooms

A two-family Chatham Street home has been closed by city inspectors, who entered the home last week on Wednesday, July 24, because of concern over a large number of air conditioner units in windows. The inspection of the building was authorized after the city sought an administrative search warrant, because of the air conditioner units and during the search inspectors found that the building had been sub-divided into separate one-room occupancy units.

According to one inspector, the building contained illegal units in the basement and on the second floor, and 11-illegal bedrooms, which did not include rooms on the first floor that were occupied by a family.

City Inspectors indicated that the house was rife with building, fire and health code violations, and claimed that the configuration of the rooms made the building a danger to all residents.

As of Friday afternoon the house, which sits overlooking commuter rail tracks, was posted with a notice that reads, “Keep Out Unsafe” and advises all tenants that they can arrange to retrieve their belongings with the assistance of a city inspector.

As of Monday morning, the city had not released information on a court date for the building, but city attorneys have indicated that criminal charges may be sought against the owners.

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