Senator Warren Endorses John Tierney: Warren Praised Tierney As A Champion For Middle-class Families

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is pictured with Congressman John Tierney at an endorsement event in Salem.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is pictured with Congressman John Tierney at an endorsement event in Salem.

Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her strong endorsement of John Tierney at a campaign event in Salem, Massachusetts. As colleagues in Congress, Tierney and Warren have worked together on a host of issues affecting middle-class families including student loan interest rates, Wall Street reform and consumer protections.

“Congressman Tierney is a tireless champion for Massachusetts families,” said Senator Warren. “I had the chance to work closely with Congressman Tierney on consumer protection issues years before I ran for the Senate, and I’m very glad to work as his partner in Congress today. Throughout his career, he has fought hard to strengthen our schools, to improve access to high-quality, affordable education, and to make the kinds of investments that grow our economy in the 6th District and across the Commonwealth. I’m proud to stand with Congressman Tierney. We need to send him back to Washington so he can continue fighting for a level playing field for working families.”

“It is an honor to have the strong support of my good friend and colleague, Senator Elizabeth Warren,” said John Tierney. “Senator Warren has been an unwavering partner of mine in the fight to make sure seniors, students, veterans and working families get a fair shot at living the American dream. Even before she joined me in Congress, Senator Warren and I were working together to provide relief to students with unmanageable loan debt and protections to consumers being ripped off by credit card companies. We both know that this election is about standing on the side of middle-class families, not the millionaires and billionaires. I am proud to have Senator Warren on my side. I look forward to continuing our work together to ensure every family across this district has a fair shot.”

Tierney and Warren have long worked together on making higher education more affordable, increasing loan forgiveness options for college graduates, and protecting consumers. Last month, Tierney and Warren filed legislation in their respective chambers that would allow student loan borrowers to refinance at a lower rate. This builds on legislation they previously filed together to give student loan borrowers the same rate as big banks receive from the Federal Reserve. Tierney and Warren have also partnered on filing legislation to protect seniors, retirees, and families from financial institutions that engage in risky investment transactions. Even prior to her election to the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Warren worked closely with John Tierney when Congress was considering the College Cost Reduction Act in 2007 and the Credit Card Holders’ Bill of Rights in 2009.

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