Lynn City Council Also Favors Patriots

A friendly pre-game poll of Lynn City Councilors this week that the majority of Lynn’s legislative body believes still has faith that Tom Brady will lead the hometown Pats to a fourth Super Bowl Victory on Sunday.

Though not all of the Councilors could be reached for the poll, of the seven who were contacted all believe that the Patriots will win on Sunday by an average of 10 points over the Seattle Seahawks.

In addition, four of the six councilors who predicted a game MVP, chose Brady, with the remaining two councilors choosing Rob Gronkowski as the big game hero.

The councilors’ favoring of the Patriots was really to be expected, but the predicted margins of victory fly in the face of the betting line. Las Vegas basically has the game as a pick’em, with the Patriots lightly favored by 1.5 points.

“I think it will all come down to that first drive,” said Council Vice President Rick Ford. “If the Patriots can score on their first drive, I think they’ll be alright, but if they can’t score on that first drive I think t will be a tough day.”

Ford didn’t offer a prediction on the final score or predict the MVP. However, several of his colleagues did. Below are their predictions.

Council President Daniel Cahill picked the Patriots to win by a score of 32-17, with Brady as the MVP. He’ll be watching the game at home with his in-laws and friends.

At-large Councilor Buzzy Barton picked the Patriots in a close, high-scoring game 32-28, and also had Brady as the MVP of the game.

At-large Councilor Hong Net also picked the Patriots, by a score of 28-14 and predicted Rob Gronkowsi would earn MVP honors. Net and Barton both said they would be watching the game at home.

Ward 3 Councilor Darren Cyr predicted the Patriots in a close game, 24-17, with Brady as the MVP.

“When the Patriots first won the AFC Championship Game, I thought the Seahawks would win,” explained Cyr. “But with all of this stuff about the deflated footballs, I think the team is angry and will use that to pull together. I think they’re going to win a close game.”

Cyr said he currently has no plans for the game.

Ward 5 Councilor Dianna Chakoutis also a predicted a seven point Patriots win, 21-14, with Gronkowski as the game MVP.

“We have a Super Bowl party every year, so we’re going to have friends and family over for the game,” said Chakoutis.

And Ward 6 Councilor Peter Capano predicted the Pats by the score of 38-24, with Brady as the MVP. Capano said he will watch the game at home with family and friends.

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