Banned No More Plastic Bags in Lynn

The Board of Health voted 2-0 to ban single-use plastic bags during its monthly meeting Tuesday night. The new ordinance goes into effect Sept. 1, not  July 1 as originally planned. The longer time period allows merchants time to use up their inventory of plastic bags before purchasing paper.

“The benefit of the bag does not outweigh the damage it does,” said Chairman of the Board Ronald Dupui, who voted in favor of the ban along with Dr. John Steriti. Member Michael Dewan was absent.

Lending their support of the ban was a group called Beach Sisters, a collaboration between Northeastern University Marine Science Center and Girls Inc. Those speaking cited the need to combat litter and protect marine animals from the harm of plastic.

It was noted that State Rep. Lori Ehrlich has proposed a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags,

Under the ordinance, shoppers will get a brown paper bag or have to bring their own re-useable bag. Lynn joins its neighboring communities in a ban of plastic bages as well as 96 others throughout the state.

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