New Town Officers to Be Sworn In

The Inauguration of the City Council and School Committee members will take place on January 6, 2020, at 7 p.m. in the City Hall Auditorium.

Judge Garrett J. McManus will be administering the Oath of Office to the members of the Lynn City Council and Lynn School Committee, members listed below:

Lynn City Council

Darren P. Cyr, President, Ward 3 Councilor

Gordon “Buzzy” Barton, Vice-President

Dianna M. Chakoutis, Ward 5 Councilor

Richard C. Colucci, Ward 4 Councilor

Brian M. Field, At-Large

Frederick W. Hogan, Ward 6 Councilor

Brian P. LaPierre, At-Large

Wayne A. Lozzi, Ward 1 Councilor

Hong L. Net, At-Large

Richard B. Starbard, Ward 2 Councilor

John M. Walsh, Jr., Ward 7 Councilor

Lynn School Committee

Brian K. Castellanos

Donna M. Coppola

John E. Ford, Jr.

Lorraine M. Gately

Jared C. Nicholson

Michael A. Satterwhite

Following the Oaths of Office, Mayor Thomas McGee will share some remarks and there will be a reception in room 402.

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